About Us

The Association of Japanese-language Teachers (AJT) is
a union of Japanese language teachers.
The association was organized 15 years ago to offer effective language lessons
for foreign students to develop Japanese language skills at their convenience.
All members are experienced and qualified to teach of all levels.

The Message of the AJT Representative

Teruo Fujii

Based on my firm belief that the better understanding of the Japanese language by the non-Japanese people is an important factor contributing to the further enhancement of understanding and co-operation between Japan and the rest of the world, I founded the Association of Japanese-language Teachers (AJT) in 1999. Over 15 years since its foundation, this association, composed of well-experienced teachers of high competence, has achieved its objective remarkably. My hope is that it will develop further to play an important role in strengthening co-operative relationships between Japan and the rest of the world by offering effective Japanese-language lessons to non-Japanese learners.

Teruo Fujii

Teacher's Profile

Teruo Fujii

Shinobu Suzuki

At present, the professor in charge of " Teaching Method of the Japanese Language"course at college. Experienced in teaching Japanese language for 30 years. Able to cope with all different levels from basic to advanced.

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